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Due to the changes in global economy, consumer demand for customization, the global market has taken a huge drift from mass-produced products to customized products. Hence, this is the era for Mass Customization (MC) and allow manufacturers to improve their production capability and add value to their products in order to sustain in the market.

This can be achieved by implementing Reverse Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (AM) methods. Until today, AM has displayed its capabilities to produce customized products and used for different industrial applications.

Professor Jia-Chang Wang has established 3D Technology (3DT) lab and Additive Manufacturing Center (AMC) for mass customization production. The 3DT lab focuses majorly on integrating CAD, reverse engineering, AM technologies into a common set up, and provide a turnkey solution for 3D designing, 3D scanning, 3D printing and inspection. This bridges the gap between the mass production and customization very economically and provide solutions faster than ever before.